There are three steps you'll need to complete to apply for the Laurens County Future Scholarship.


Before getting started, make sure you review the eligibility details.

Step 1

Apply to PTC or usc-u.

Piedmont Technical College Instructions:

You can begin the Piedmont Technical College application process online, or you can stop by the Laurens County Higher Education Center to take care of this step in person.

Learn more about the process. →

USC-Union, Laurens Instructions

Apply at USCU online at


Apply for Financial Aid

To be eligible to receive the scholarship you'll need to complete a FAFSA, and the financial aid process. After your aid is awarded, the Future Scholarship will cover any remaining tuition balance after all non-loan awards are applied, to ensure that you can attend tuition free. Scholarships are subject to funds available and are not guaranteed.

Please note that books, incidental expenses, and any program or class-related fees will be your responsibility. Summer terms are not eligible for funding.

step 3

Complete the Admissions process and enroll BY THE DEADLINE.

If all the requirements have been met, the scholarship will be applied to your account to cover all remaining tuition that isn't covered by your financial aid package or other non-loan funding sources, contingent on available funding for the scholarship program.

Registration Deadlines:

Fall Term: August 1
Spring Term: December 1

If you've completed the steps above by the registration deadlines, no further action is necessary on your part. The colleges will screen all Laurens County students who have completed the steps above by the registration deadlines for scholarship eligibility.

A list of qualifying students will be sent to the Scholarship Committee for approval, and scholarships will be awarded approximately two weeks prior to the start of the Fall and Spring semesters.    

What Happens Next?